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Taste the tundra with Reyka Vodka

Reyka is an Icelandic vodka that consistently ranks in many top ten lists this time of year.

The Reyka Vodka distillery, 45 miles outside of Reykjavik, Iceland, is one of the most eco-friendly facilities in the world.

They collect frigid Arctic spring water from a source that runs through a 4,000 year-old lava field. The abundant lava rocks naturally filter the water making it some of the purest in the world. This gives their vodka an extremely clean and unique taste profile.

Reyka also powers its distillery with geothermal energy from the native volcanoes and entirely emission-free.

Distilled from wheat and barley, due to its pure, natural water and lava rock filtering (rather than the usual charcoal), Reyka Vodka maintains the character of Icelandic water, making it an excellent sipping vodka. Smooth and most satisfying, it can be enjoyed not only in cocktails, but chilled as an after dinner drink.

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