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Suerte Tequila is a lucky find in any language

One of the hottest recent brands of tequila has a Colorado connection.

Suerte Tequila (which means “luck” in Spanish) was founded by two partners from Boulder who teamed with a family distillery in the high country of Jalisco, Mexico, to produce and market their small batch, single estate, handcrafted tequila.

Suerte has become a growing force in the craft tequila market, while garnering a collection of awards. But this hasn’t led to a mass commercialization of their production process. They don’t rush their product for cost efficiency. They take pride in a quality, artisanal experience.

The 100% Blue Weber Agave used at Suerte’s distillery is harvested by hand and roasted in brick ovens instead of being quick steamed in stainless steel autoclaves. The agave is then slow crushed using a large traditional stone tahona wheel, instead of being industrially shredded. Gravity powered micron filters, instead of pump-pushed charcoal filtering, make certain their tequila retains the true flavor of the agave, and the full terroir from its birthplace.


Suerte features three double distilled types. Their Blanco is rested for a minimum of two months in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling. It delivers a silken finish with pleasing herbal, citrus, and sweet notes that make it ideal for sipping or enjoying in a traditional Mexican cocktail like the Paloma.

Suerte Reposado is aged in charred American white oak whiskey barrels for seven months. This perfect combination of resting time, oak exposure, and the pure agave create a robust bouquet of aromas that include subtle plum, butterscotch, and oak notes. Try it neat, or in an authentic, made from scratch margarita.

Suerte Añejo pushes the boundaries of the Reposado, further aging their tequila in the charred American oak whiskey barrels for twenty-four months, twice as long as the industry standard. Its complex, full-bodied flavor carries a moderate wood presence, with hints of berry, chocolate, and mint to complement the underlying essence of the agave.  Put away the shot glass and enjoy this one is a snifter to fully appreciate the sweet awards of its aroma.

If you’re looking for a quality tequila for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, swing by Wyatt’s and give Suerte a shot.