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Are you a Feisty drinker?

In early 2012, Feisty Spirits became the first craft distillery in Fort Collins. They specialize in single barrel whiskies made with diverse organic grains that are aged in charred American oak barrels. The folks at Feisty believe producing craft whiskey is an art form and they are passionate about creating unique, flavorful spirits for people to enjoy.

Whiskey is distilled from fermented grains, and there are many different types available, each with their own individual flavor profile. By utilizing various grains, Feisty produces a spectrum of whiskies with diverse and interesting tastes.

For example, instead of sticking to the standard yellow corn used in bourbon, expect other types to come into play. Last summer they produced a Red White & Blue Bourbon, using red, white, and blue corns, with part of the profits going to the Rebuilding America’s Warriors fund.

Feisty whiskies also tend to be incredibly smooth. They barrel age just long enough to meet style definitions, but not for extended periods, so that the flavors of the grains are highlighted.

There are currently several bottled varieties worth trying.

Feisty Spirits Blue Corn Bourbon

This one is a definite guest pleaser. It is incredibly smooth. The blue corn is a gentler companion than yellow to the rye component, allowing elements of nuts and toffee to shine through. Ideal for sipping.

Feisty Better Days Bourbon

Feisty produced this earthy bourbon in collaboration with local Fort Collins band Fierce Bad Rabbit. Sweet and spicy, it carries a body full of clove, maple, and pepper, accented by touches of almond and molasses.

Feisty Rye Whiskey

This is a delightful, sipping rye. It has a luxurious, silken texture with creamy notes of apricot and butterscotch that temper the peppery nature of the rye. Although I am looking forward to cocktail experimentation with this one, it is perfect by itself on the rocks.

Maple and Cinnamon Whiskey

Feisty boasts that this one tastes like an oatmeal cookie in a glass, and it’s no idle brag. Natural flavors of Saigon cinnamon and oatmeal team in an incredibly well-blended, serious whiskey. Try it in an Old Fashioned and experience a tender taste of maple that subsides into a brief touch of cinnamon in the finish.

Feisty Spirits

Feisty Spirits are available at their tasting room at 1708 East Lincoln Avenue #1 in Fort Collins, and at Wyatt’s Wet Goods in Longmont, Colorado.

Now is a great time to try Feisty whiskeys. As part of our Earth Day celebration this week, featuring many brands that use organic ingredients, Feisty Blue Corn Bourbon, Rye, and Maple and Cinnamon Whiskey will all be on sale April 21 through April 27.