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Sombra: No smoke and mirrors, just a tasty mezcal

Looking for something a bit more daring than your ordinary bottle of tequila? Something that is more exciting for sipping and will really make your margaritas stand out?

Try Sombra Mezcal.

Sombra is Oaxaca region artisanal mezcal made from organic espadin agave and distilled in the traditional method.

Mezcal, unlike from tequila which can be distilled only from blue agave, can be made from dozens of varieties of the agave plant , from the spiky-leafed espadín to the treelike barril. Some agaves grow for up to 20 years before they’re harvested. The resulting mezcal is expressive of its terroir with a desired smokiness.

An unaged mezcal, Sombra offers immediate and heavy smoke on the nose, but is not overpowering—think more barbecue than forest fire. There’s a strong undercurrent of sweetness as well, with strong herbal notes, complemented by a nice element of citrus.

Along with the smoke, there are subtle notes of citrus and black pepper on the palate. They intermingle with tastes of roasted sweet corn for added complexity. At 45% ABV, it also delivers a touch of heat to go with the smoke.

Mezcal is a natural, and underused, substitute for traditional tequila in cocktails. Step up your next Margarita or Paloma with this simple addition and your guests will be impressed.

Aside from being an affordable, quality mescal, Sombra is also an environmentally friendly production. It is made from organically farmed, high altitude agave. Even their bottles are hand blown from recycled glass, with easy peel labels so the bottles can be reused by consumers for their own juices, syrups, or other experiments.

Sombra is available locally at Wyatt’s Wet Goods in Longmont, where we offer you a large selection of quality mezcals, tequilas, and other regional items for the adventurous drinker.

Visit Sombra’s Cocktail Page for some fun drinking ideas.