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Código 1530 Tequila offers a rosy outlook for spring

With the arrival of spring, this is that time of year for a young man’s fancy to turn to…tequila. (I bet you thought I was going to say baseball.)

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, now it the perfect time to discover a new agave pleasure, and Código 1530 may be that spirit.

Until recently, it was only available at restaurants with superior tequila selections like Hefe’s in Longmont, but Código has just landed in Northern Boulder County.

A new commercial enterprise, Código 1530 was a private, Jalisco family estate-made tequila, served only at Mexico’s most selective parties and dinner tables or poured directly from the source for local jimadors.

Código tequila begins with fully-matured Blue Weber agave, aged seven to ten years, which is cooked in stainless steel ovens, fermented utilizing an organic family baker’s yeast in Amatitán, and distilled twice in stills handmade by the family estate.


Try one of these standout offerings:

Código 1530 Blanco

Remaining true to the original codes and customs of the tequila making process, the fully aged agave gives a pure, honest taste that presents a pleasing expression of the natural tastes of the local terroir. Try it as a chilled shot, or in your next Margarita or Paloma.

Código 1530 Reposado

Código 1530 Reposado combines the purity of the Blanco and the elegance of their aging process. Rested for six months in Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels, Código 1530 Reposado embraces the agave-driven flavors of traditional tequila, with its subtle, natural hints of barrel spice, including vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. Excellent for sipping and mixing.

Código 1530 Tequila Rosa

Código 1530 Rosa begins as the Blanco, then is rested for 1 month in an uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrel. The result is a refined spirit with a beautiful natural rose color. Its time in cabernet barrels enriches the natural agave juice, but does not overpower its delicate floral notes.

If you’re looking for an exceptional tequila for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, give Código a shot. Código 1530 Tequilas are available locally at Wyatt’s Wet Goods, where we offer you large, quality tequila and mezcal selections.