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Se Leva Rosé – c’est si bon!

With the rise in available wine choices in parts of Longmont, many people are looking a wonderful summer wine—something that isn’t heavy, yet still packed with flavor.

If you’re on the hunt to beat the heat with the ideal summer quencher, check out Se Leva Rosé.

This refreshing California Rosé sports a bright flamingo color. It welcomes you with bright opening aromas of honeysuckle, tangerine, and a touch of lavender. It carries flavors that are fresh and bright with ripe raspberries, cranberries, and white peaches, all accented by intriguing floral tones. Its lengthy finish contains just the right capping hint of juicy sweetness.

Inarguably food friendly, it is particularly suited to lighter fare like an opening fruit plate, tapas, summer salads, or even grilled salmon.

You can get yours, as well as many other sensational selections from larger, local liquor stores, like Wyatt’s, which offers you a superior selection of rosés, knowledgeable customer service, and a global approach to spirit and wine tasting.