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Scaldis Noël, one of the great untapped Christmas beers

One of the things people look forward to most about the holidays are the scents and tastes of the season. Everyone has their favorite holiday treat, and in Colorado, it is often Christmas beer.

This winter specialty style is best exemplified by the Belgian tradition. People are generally more familiar with labels adorned with Santa hats like St. Bernardus or Delirium, but there is a Belgian ale with an unassuming, simple label that you should add to your own personal Nice List—one that frequently even beats out the monk in taste tests— Scaldis Noël Premium. scaldis-noel-4pk

Scaldis Noël, from Belgian family brewery Brasserie Dubuisson, is the epitome of Belgian Christmas beers.

This deep mahogany-hued ale is big and bold, but for 12% ABV, it is still balanced and smooth. Its aroma carries touches of candied fruits and brown sugar with other baking spices, leading into a dark, malty body that tastes full of toffee, raisins, and dried fruit, and more touches of spice. It is complex and warming–just what one wants on a frosty Christmas eve.

Try this holiday Belgian specialty fireside, perhaps as you’re staying up late, waiting for old St. Nick.

Scaldis Noël, and other annual wonders like those from St. Bernardus and Anchor Brewing, or Santa’s Private Reserve from Rogue Brewing, are available locally at Wyatt’s Wet Goods, your fine beverage destination. We offer you fun and festive selections for the holidays, and all year round.