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Llanllyr is the Source for your holiday cocktails

You’ve probably heard the old saying “a handyman is only as good as his tools”. In the mixology game, your drink is only as good as its ingredients, so why skimp on mixers to go with your quality spirits?

Drawn from the organic farmland of Wales, Llanllyr Source offers its multi-award winning, carbon neutral, artisan natural water and cocktail mixers.

Llanllyr Source is made from pure natural spring water drawn from sustainably-managed organic land underneath the organic fields of Llanllyr. Llanllyr sits in the idyllic Welsh countryside at the base of a glacial valley. The glacial sands and persistent rainfall work together to produce a natural spring water with a perfect mineral balance and superb taste.

Llanllyr Source is regularly featured in many of the world’s top luxury hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Sample it, and you’ll be hooked.llanllyr3

LLanllyr’s Tonic Water is made with natural quinine and crafted to bring out the natural botanicals in the finest spirits. A natural with gin, it also really opens up with vodka or brandy.

Try the fiery Ginger Beer. This orange-labeled mixer is bursting with spicy, full-flavored ginger for a distinct and pleasantly balanced heat. Your next Dark and Stormy won’t be nearly as dark with this one.

Their Bitter Lemon is created with natural quinine, Brazilian oranges, and organic Sicilian lemons. It marries wonderfully with gin, and also brightens up a Moscow Mule.

Llanllyr Source offers a whole array of mixers for all your favorite cocktails. Pure and clean, while remaining festive, they are a welcome addition to any bar.

Pick up a four pack of these fantastic natural mixers for your holiday and New Year’s parties.


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