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Race to Wyatt’s for Woodford Reserve Bourbon

While some may be nursing their tequila hangovers this Saturday, the most renowned bourbon event of the year takes place—the Kentucky Derby.

The Derby is the most famous horse race of the year, steeped in tradition, including a drinking one.

The Mint Julep, the quintessential Southern cocktail, is synonymous with the Kentucky Derby. Woodford, especially Woodford Reserve Bourbon, is the primary sponsor of the Kentucky Derby. Each year, Woodford sponsors the great race, and raises a substantial sum in charity and sponsorship for the event. They even offer a commerative bottle with limited edition artwork that becomes an instant collector’s piece.

And what’s not to like about Woodford Reserve Bourbon? It is a clean, amber bourbon, with notes of dried fruit, mint, and oranges in its nose and a touch of cocoa and faint vanilla. It is rich and chewy, but smooth and rounded with flavors of cinnamon, toffee, and cocoa. It has a silky smooth finish that is creamy with a lingering, warm tail.

By the way, any respectable liquor store should also offer you the option of buying one of the most sought after drinking cups of the year.  Ask for a proper Mint Julep cup when buying Woodford Reserve for the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby.