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3 Tequilas to make your Cinco de Mayo party a 10

Looking for that special Cinco de Mayo spirit that screams celebration? Try one of these innovative agave endeavors:

Suerte Añejo

Owned by a couple amigos from Boulder, Suerte’s Añejo pushes the boundaries of their Reposado, further aging it in charred American oak whiskey barrels for twenty-four months, twice as long as the industry standard. Its complex, full-bodied flavor carries a moderate wood presence, with hints of berry, chocolate, and mint to complement the underlying essence of the agave. Put away the shot glass and enjoy this one is a snifter to fully appreciate the sweet awards of its aroma.

Código 1530 Tequila Rosa

Código 1530 Rosa begins as their pure Blanco, then is rested for one month in an uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrel. The result is a refined spirit with a unique and beautiful natural rose color. Its time in cabernet barrels enriches the natural agave juice, but does not overpower its delicate floral notes. Perfect for sipping with someone special.

Sombra Mezcal

Mezcal, unlike from tequila which can be distilled only from blue agave, can be made from dozens of varieties of the agave plant. They tend to be much more expressive of their terroir with a desired smokiness. Mezcal is a natural, and underused, substitute for traditional tequila in cocktails.

Sombra is an artisanal mezcal made from organic espadin agave and traditionally distilled. It offers immediate and heavy smoke on the nose, but is not overpowering—think more barbecue than forest fire. There’s a strong undercurrent of sweetness as well, with strong herbal notes, complemented by a nice element of citrus.

Along with the smoke, there are subtle notes of citrus and black pepper on the palate. Touches of roasted sweet corn for add complexity and depth.

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And don’t forget the limes.