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Longtucky Silver Sugar Beet Spirit is hauntingly good

Longmont’s newest distillery—Longtucky Spirits—is now open, and their first product is ready for purchase. Just in time for the Boulder County Distillers Festival on July 29th, Longtucky Silver Sugar Beet Spirit is releasing to select liquor stores.

Sugar Beets have long been a staple crop of Longmont. Focusing on this ingredient of local history, Longtucky Silver is a Colorado-style rum made with 75% Colorado sugar beet sugar and 25% Florida organic molasses. They use a sour mash process to recycle some of each batch into the next one in order to create its depth of flavors.

Its aroma carries a welcome sweetness with notes of tropical fruit. There are elements of dark bread and molasses, but its structure is clean with light, with earthy spices and a gently finish of toasted coconut.

Longtucky Spirits is a community focused craft distillery in Longmont, Colorado, featuring local ingredients, owner-built equipment, and an entertaining tasting room at 350 Terry Street, #120, just east of Main in Longmont.

Founded by best friends John Young and HK Wallace, Longtucky Spirits is a celebration of all things Colorado. Longtucky Silver is just the beginning. They also recently produced Longtucky Shine, a corn whiskey, and are progressing with additions to their line such as a spiced rum, a Western-style gin, a bourbon, a single malt whiskey, and a special rotating Bartenders Series.

Longtucky will have a booth this weekend at the Boulder County Distillers Festival. You can buy their brand new sugar beet rum at large local liquor retailers like Wyatt’s,  who offers you a plethora of options for the discernible, adventurous drinker.