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Helix Has the DNA of a World Class Vodka

The spirit of France meets the legendary water of Iceland in Helix, an exciting new vodka, now available in Colorado.

Helix is crafted by blending, for the first time ever, French Spirits derived from the golden wheat fields of Champagne with the world’s finest glacial water from Iceland to create an ultra-premium vodka. It’s this unique DNA that was the inspiration behind the name Helix, which is the shape in a DNA thread.

As the owners of Helix Spirits, Paul & Kristjan, sat at dinner contemplating what they were going to call their newly conceived vodka brand, Paul exclaimed, holding his index finger in the air, and wrapping his middle finger behind it, “It’s a marriage between a spirit of France and the water of Iceland.”

Packaged in full liter bottles, Helix is compellingly packaged and priced for both professional and home bar settings.

Using wheat from the Champagne region of France, Icelandic water, and carbon-filtering for purity, Helix has a nose that is fresh and clean with a hint of citrus. Its soft palate has light, enticing elements of vanilla cream, honey, apple, tropical citrus, bittersweet grain, and a hint of wood. These lead to a smooth, crisp finish with touches of lemon, pepper, and cream.

Helix is so alluring, it was awarded a Silver Medal for Best Premium Imported Vodkas of 2017,

Locally, you can “get the finger” with Helix at large, family-owned liquor destinations, like Wyatt’s Wet Goods, that offer you a superior selection with many new arrivals each week, in all departments.

When it comes to selection, more is always merrier.