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Have a Blast with Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash

For those looking for something festive for the summer season, Captain Morgan just introduced Watermelon Smash, a unique hybrid of Caribbean rum and watermelon.

This limited edition infused rum revolutionizes flavored shots. By blending their proprietary rum with one of the most popular flavors of summer—fresh watermelon—Captain Morgan has created a hit for any outing.

Inspired by their Cannon Blast cannon ball-shaped bottle, Watermelon Smash is modelled to look like a watermelon. The bold, round bottle even simulates the look of a burst one, with exposed juicy fruit flesh and an innovative scratch and sniff feature.

This limited release is 25% ABV, and currently available nationwide in a 750 ml bottles.

Best enjoyed well chilled as a shot or in a refreshing spritzer with club soda, this gluten-free specialty can also be served as the featured ingredient, muddled with mint leaves, in a Watermelon Mojito.

You can “party like a captain all summer long” with Watermelon Smash, and other fun seasonal liquors, at larger local liquors store, like Wyatt’s, that offer you an outstanding selection of items for the adventurous drinker. When it comes to selection, more is always merrier.