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Finally a Dry Town you’ll want to visit

Looking for something new, but with a touch of tradition? Preferably something local?

Try these exciting new spirits from Old Elk Distilleries of Fort Collins. Old Elk introduced these three offerings to the Longmont/Boulder County market this month: Dry Town Gin, Dry Town Vodka, and Nooku Bourbon Cream.

From 1896-1969, Fort Collins was a dry town and relied on local bootleggers for its libations. Crafted in historic Fort Collins, the Dry Town brand is made with a little of this outlaw spirit in each bottle.

The crisp and savory taste of Dry Town Gin comes from its fresh Colorado grown sage along with lemongrass and French verveine. Sliced oranges smooth out the mouthfeel while fresh lime peel creates a crisp, clean punch of citrus that really brightens the gin. This Western-style gin is ideal in celebratory martinis, or even on the rocks. Try it with a touch of tonic and see how the aromatics make your usual G & T sparkle.


Dry Town Vodka is handcrafted with a four grain recipe of corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley. This vodka is unfiltered, heightening the expression of each grain. The earthy spice of the rye and silky texture of the wheat contribute an elegant mouthfeel and taste. The corn produces a sweetness at the backbone of the vodka with hearty bread notes from the addition of the barley. Dry Town Vodka is a welcome warmer as a sipping shot or in your favorite cocktail.

nooku-bourbon-creamNooku Bourbon Cream, with a name inspired by a Native American word for the white snowshoe rabbit, is a premium straight bourbon with real dairy cream. Crafted using high malt bourbon, Nooka exhibits spicy vanilla and toffee aromas, caramel chews in the flavor, and a pleasing rise of the bourbon in the finish. It is a natural for this time of year and throughout the holiday season. Compare to Buffalo Trace’s cream version, and you will be impressed.

Wyatt’s Wet Goods is currently offering these new Fort Collins spirits with special introductory pricing through November 22, 2016.