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El Jamón Wines will have you living high on the hog

El Jamón is named after the Spanish Jamón Serrano (literally “mountain ham”), a type of dry-cured ham traditionally served thinly sliced with olives, cheese, and a glass of wine.

The grapes sourced for El Jamón come from the region of Cariñena in northern Spain. The continental climate has cool nights and hot days that aid the thick-skinned black Tempranillo grape to ripen properly while still maintaining its natural acidity.

Although El Jamón Tempranillo and Crianza are both made from the Tempranillo grape varietal, the difference between the two is the aging requirements for the wine. To be labeled as Crianza, the wine must reach a minimum 6 months in barrel and 12 months in bottle before being released from the winery. This extra aging develops an additional complexity of flavors and aromas.

El Jamón Crianza:

El Jamón Crianza has attractive ruby and tawny hues from barrel aging. Intense aromas and flavors of vanilla, strawberry, cherry, and spice notes are prominent, lingering into the finish.

El Jamón Tempranillo:

El Jamón Tempranillo is an easy-drinking, fruit-driven wine, bursting with ripe berry and plum fruit with savory undertones. Soft and round on the palate, it carries easy tannins for youthful consumption with its lingering red fruit flavors.

All of El Jamón’s selections may be enjoyed with tapas, tomato-based pasta dishes, pizza, Serrano, pork, steak, olives, and Manchego Cheese.

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