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Celebrate the season with these scary Halloween Wines

Does finding the right wine for your Halloween party fill you with apprehension and dread? Fend off the wine willies with these scary selections:

Zombie Zin

A must-have for gruesome gatherings, Zombie Zin is a blood-red California Zinfandel bursting with plum and black currant. Pair it with sweet brains or a juicy blood sausage. “It’s the wine that would not die…”

Zombie Chard 

Dress up your horror d’oeuvres with this frighteningly good California Chardonnay. It will shock your senses and haunt your wine glasses. Perfect for horror movie marathons and the upcoming apocalypse.

Bull’s Blood

Looking for something more historically accurate that old Vlad the Impaler himself might have enjoyed? Bull’s Blood from the Kovacs Nimrod winery of Hungary is a traditional dry quality red that is very representative of the red wines of Eger. This terroir-rich varietal carries the flavor of the soils of its production site and the mezzo-climate unique to that region. Deep ruby in color, its flavors and aromas present rich, spicy and fruity characteristics, mellowed without a tannin accent.

The Walking Dead Wines

To celebrate the popular TV show, The Last Wine Company resurrected their Cabernet Sauvignon and Blood Red Blend, allowing you the opportunity to bring your bottle to life using their The Living Wine Labels app, which animates (or reanimates) when the app is launched and pointed at the label.

Instead of killing time looking for these offerings all around town, take the fear out of wine shopping by grabbing them all in one fell at Wyatt’s where our superior selection and experienced staff will help you find the perfect bottle for all seasons.