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“And the winner is…”, a Wyatt’s Imperial Ale Challenge Update

For last Saturday’s tasting, Wyatt’s Wet Goods held its first “Imperial Ale Challenge”, pitting perennial favorite Pliny the Elder against hometown hero Wibby’s Ted IPL, Melvin 2×4  Double Indian Pale Ale, and the well-respected Odell’s Myrcenary from Fort Collins.

The results may surprise you.

Despite its reputation, local favorite Wibby beat the cult of Pliny. Not bad for a very young beer from a very young brewery!

According to popular vote by blind tasters last Saturday, here are the results:

1.) Melvin 2×4, Alpine, Wyoming

2.) Odell Myrcenary, Fort Collins

3.) Wibby Ted IPL, Longmont, Colorado

4.) Pliny the Elder, Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, California

Imperial Ale Challenge 7-16









Congratulations to Melvin, and thanks to all who came to the tasting!