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Why Wyatt’s Wet Goods?

Why Wyatt’s Wet Goods?


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Wyatt’s is the brain child of Dennis, Joe, Hannah and Lindsey. The inspiration comes from a love of the adult alcohol beverage industry, particularly the retail environment. It has been asked who we are and where are we from. Dennis’ (that’s me, the short old bald guy in the picture) grandfather Harry was the Yuma county sheriff in Eastern Colorado where he and his brothers homesteaded in the late 1800’s until The Great Depression.

When they lost everything he followed so many desperate folks to Ward, Colorado (up Left Hand Creek above Boulder) to eke out survival as he and his sons started numerous little gold claims in the late 1920’s. Like most at that time, every success he gained went back into dry holes. Eventually in the late 1930’s he moved the family to Loveland, while a few family members stayed in the Denver/Longmont area.

My father returned from WWII to Live in Loveland and I joined the Dinsmore clan in ’49 in Loveland. Even with extensive travel, I have never moved from Colorado, but was fortunate to find a delightful bride from out of state. During the past 46 years I have worked for wine and spirits importers, suppliers, restaurants, while living in Colorado. After founding Wilbur’s in Fort Collins in 2000, I retired in 2014 to let my son (who was obviously running it quite well) spread his wings and fly on his own.

Next to me in the picture are two of my grandchildren (5th generation Coloradoans) with Lindsey, my daughter in-law and partner here Wyatt’s. Lindsey is a RN, balances our books and is a great mom and addition to both my family at the store and home. Olivia (the little blonde) loves to come to work with Grampa and can be seen carrying empty cardboard to the front of the store in her polka dot apron. She drives a hard bargain and wants special lunches and “piggy bank” money for her work.

Joe, a managing partner, is my son’s best friend since grade school when his family moved to Loveland. When Joe turned 21 years he went to work with me to build Wilbur’s. Joe and my son played baseball together from junior high through high school and I got to know him and his family very well sitting through what seemed like thousands of games all over Colorado and Kansas. He is a great guy and a talented partner to have here at the store. After receiving his Bachelor’s at University of Northern Colorado, Joe went on to a Masters’ Degree with certification as a clinical psychologist. He is a bright young man and is going to replace me, like my son did, when I grow old. Joe is the one on the left, looking like the Verizon commercial “Can you hear me now” guy in the picture.  Next to him is his wife, a clinical speech pathologist, and their two spirited little girls.

Our other managing partner is the raven haired Hannah (waving in Wyatt’s online video at She grew up here in Longmont and went with her parents when they were missionaries assigned to Austria. We met when she was at CSU in Fort Collins, working for me about 5 years before joining our new venture. I invited Hannah to partner with us as she has an ability to multitask when I get lost in the fray.  She is a delight to work with while running the front end of the store and does all the hiring and training. If you come by and talk German with her she lights up with enjoyment and may chat your ear off.

With the support of several investors from Boulder and Denver, and a great crew, that’s the Wyatt’s family. We hope you get to know our new store for being a fun, super friendly, well-stocked, huge selection, great service, locally owned and operated “Wet Goods Supplier” for your adult beverage selections.

Thanks for your support.

Your local Colorado crew here at Wyatt’s Wet Goods, keeping Colorado Local.