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Vote NO on props 124, 125, and 126 to Keep Colorado Local

Keep Colorado Local

We believe in Keeping Colorado Local, but we need your help to keep it that way.
Propositions 124, 125, and 126 would crush local, independent businesses (like Wyatt’s)
by allowing giant, out-of-state corporate chains to unfairly enter the liquor
industry in Colorado.

These out-of-state chains have a history of using predatory practices to bankrupt
smaller businesses like ours, then raising prices again on the average consumer.
They have already spent $9.8 million dollars to put these propositions
on the ballot with one goal – to put us out of business.

This is a David Versus Goliath moment for Colorado – we must reject
these propositions to protect our local, independent businesses.

The bottom line is that these out-of-state corporations are staging a greedy
corporate cash grab, without regard for the lives and businesses they will destroy.

These propositions will:
-Put small mom-and-pop stores out of business.
-Send money out of communities and cost Colorado jobs, and
-Because kids can order online, it will undermine public safety.

Before November 8th, Vote NO on Props 124, 125, and 126 to Keep Colorado Local