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Pick your poison with Stillhouse Spirits Whiskies

(Note: It’s not really poison. It just dresses that way.)

Stillhouse Spirits has introduced a stylish new entry into the local Northern Colorado market with their line of canned whiskies.

Stillhouse pays homage to the original moonshiners by cutting against the grain to craft a spirit that goes beyond its origins. Made from estate-grown corn, Stillhouse Original is distilled in authentic copper whiskey stills in Virginia and Kentucky, then charcoal-filtered for superior quality and taste. Stillhouse blends its gluten-free Original recipe with bold, all-natural flavors to make fun flavors like Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip, and Red Hot.

Revolutionary from the inside out, Stillhouse’s one-of-a-kind, daring red 100% stainless steel can demonstrates its cutting-edge approach and playful sensibilities. The unbreakable package extends celebrations beyond typical bar settings into outdoor environments like camping or lakeside. From a backyard barbeque to a beach bonfire or a tailgate party, Stillhouse goes where glass can’t.

With flavors like its smooth Original, Classic Apple Crisp, sweet Peach Tea, toasted Coconut, refreshing Mint Chip, and fiery Red Hot, each Stillhouse whiskey harnesses a unique persona. Perfect for celebrated moments and everyday occasions, Stillhouse is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, on the rocks to create a distinct riff on a favorite classic cocktail, or in a handcrafted punch.

Stillhouse Original is 80 proof, and infused party flavors are 69 proof. All Stillhouse products are available in 750 ml and 375 ml 100% stainless steel “paint thinner”-style cans.

Locally, you can find Stillhouse whiskies at larger family-owned liquor stores, like Wyatt’s Wet Goods, which offers a myriad of unique items for the adventurous drinker.

Wyatt’s is offering a free Friday tasting of Stillhouse Spirits, along with selections from Elevation Brewing Company, on Friday, September 1, from 4:00-6:45 pm.