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Due to the unusual times we are in, Wyatt’s is changing the way we do Sunday One Days specials until the crisis ends.
Starting on Sunday, April 5th, the Sunday One Day specials will attempt to limit social distance by allowing E-mail, App, and Web orders of our Sunday specials.
  1. We will post the specials as we always do, Saturday night.
  2. We will fill the e-mail, App and Web orders we receive posted after 8:00 AM Sunday in the order they come in.
  3. We will first look at e-mails posted after 8:00 AM that Sunday in order of arrival, all others will be filled if stock allows after those order are filled.
  4. When we open the doors at 10:00 we asked for SIX FEET of social distancing for those attending the sale in person, and will monitor the flow to keep such distancing.
  5. We will attempt to fill any orders we receive by e-mail after the doors open as staff time allows.
  6. E-mail orders processed will be notified the order status by return E-mail ASAP.
  7. The e-mail orders will be available after 1:00 P.M., to allow our staff to service the individuals in the store at opening. Please keep 6 feet of social distancing upon your arrival.
  8. Any orders not picked up or paid for by 7:00 Sunday will be returned to stock.
  9. The prices on the special items will be extended until stock is depleted until the following Friday.
  10. If you wish delivery of your order, we can accommodate that request within Longmont, Niwot, Gunbarrel ($5 delivery charge), Carbon Valley or Lyons ($15 delivery charge) later Sunday or Monday. For orders over $100, the delivery charge in Longmont, and for over $200 in outlying areas, is waived.
  11. If you wish delivery, please include your phone number as our staff will call you to process your credit card for the order. Please be generous with the delivery driver as they enjoy the much appreciated tips you provide.
The e-mail to use for all your “Sunday One day” orders is:
To set up our delivery App, go to: and click on “Order Online” for directions.