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Miro Vermouth, the smooth Spanish alternative

One of the main drawbacks in buying vermouth is its short life after opening. Because it is a wine-derived product, any unused remainder should be refrigerated, but even then, you have barely a month before its inevitable decline.

Vermouth is typically sold only in standard 750 ml bottles or occasionally in pint-size 375 ml ones. Based on contemporary tastes, most recipes call for such a small amount, it’s tough to go through either in a month.

Miro Vermouths solve that problem. They offer a smaller 187 ml size. These petite bottles are perfectly sized for a round or two of your favorite martini or Manhattan style cocktail, without the threat of wasteful spoilage. And these traditional Spanish vermouths taste great!

For over a century, the heart of Spanish vermouth has been from Reus, just southwest of Barcelona. Using local plants and grape varieties rather than sourcing base wine from varieties grown outside the region, these Spanish vermouths have both a traditional leaning and a high drinkability. One of the biggest vermouth producing houses is Miro.

Their Miro Rojo is a classic Spanish vermouth. Lighter and less bitter than Italian types, their red tastes sweeter while containing a quarter less sugar.

Its carries a brick red color with aromas and taste based on sweet herbal aperitifs, making it stimulating and refreshing. It is subtly sweet with a slightly bitter touch, yet silky and easy to drink with a pleasant aftertaste. Try it with a quality rye or bourbon like High West or Woodford in your next Manhattan and you’ll be convinced.

The family formula for Miro White uses a perfect blend of white wine as a base, with a touch of sweetness, for a fine, soft mouthfeel. It combines natural herbs to provide a piquant welcoming aroma with bracing acidity and complimenting minerality. Experience it with a three olive martini or as an aperitif with tapas.

The Miro line of Spanish vermouths has just recently been introduced to the Northern Colorado market. You can find them, along with a myriad of mixology ingredients, at Wyatt’s Wet Goods.