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Leopold Bros. Liqueurs lead the way in taste and quality

In 1999, Scott and Todd Leopold opened a brewery on Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The operation quickly became popular, and they expanded to distilling, releasing their first spirits in 2001. They are well-known for their eco-brewing techniques, use of quality organic ingredients, and effective management of water and waste byproducts. In 2008, operations moved to Scott and Todd’s home state of Colorado, where they continue to make their award-winning spirits in Denver.

They have a wonderful tasting room which is well worth the visit. They also have these bottles commercially available for home purchase:

Leopold Bros. Maraschino Cherry Liqueur

Leopold Bros. macerates then ferments small Marasca cherries from Croatia, distilling the resulting cherry mash. They add coriander and Montmorency cherry distillate, sweetening the blend with honey to create a soft and subtle liqueur with mild almond-like notes derived from the cherry pits. Their Maraschino liqueur adds a beautiful nose to classic cocktails. 

Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur

Created from specialty Montmorency cherries, Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur brings something new to classic cocktails like Manhattans, Singapore Slings, and Gin & Tonics. While most cherries are categorized as sweet or tart, the Montmorency cherries maintain a unique balance between the two flavors that is not found in any other varietal. The result is a versatile liqueur with exceptional flavor in both cocktails and cooking.

Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Blackberry Liqueur

Using blackberries from the northwestern Rocky Mountains, this is a rich, complex liqueur perfect for cocktails, as a digestive, and in cooking. Its deep purple color is derived purely from the juice of the blackberries. Its freshness will surprise you.

Leopold Bros. New England Cranberry Liqueur

Leopold Bros. uses two different varieties of cranberries grown primarily in famous bogs when making their award-winning cranberry Liqueur. The cranberries are juiced and blended with their eaux-de-vie.  A small amount of sugar cane is added is to balance out the tartness of the real cranberry flavor. Perfect for Thanksgiving, and all year round.

Leopold Bros. American Orange Liqueur:

Leopold Bros. steeps Curaçao and Bergamot oranges in their proprietary spirit, then distills the oranges, separating the clean citrus aromas from the bitterness that is inherent in the citrus pith. The liqueur is then sweetened with agave, but remains drier than other orange liqueurs. Belgian candy sugar gives it a bit of a lasting confectioner’s finish.

Leopold Bros. Three Pins Alpine Herbal Liqueur:

Created in the European tradition, Leopold Bros. use local ingredients to induce a flavor of the Rocky Mountains in this complex herbal liqueur. Enjoy the floral notes of its botanicals and the spice of its warming finish.

Leopold Bros. liqueurs are a welcome addition to any well-stocked bar. You can find them, as well as their fantastic gins and flavored Colorado whiskies in the vast liquor aisle at Wyatt’s.