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Jepson Chardonnay will show you the way

Jepson Estate Chardonnay is a prime example of Mendocino Chardonnay at its best. Fresh, clean, fruity aromas of ripe pear and tropical fruit are accompanied by just a hint of oak and a pleasant spicy note.

It’s wonderfully fruity in the mouth with crisp acidity carrying the citrus-green apple flavors to the entire palate. Its full flavor carries more spicy oak, but it is balanced by its elegant fruit percentage. There is a reasonable touch of honey and butter with a brief finish that will have you reaching for another sip.

This is indeed a superior quality wine, often found at a bargain price.

You can find Jepson Chardonnay locally at larger wine emporiums in Longmont, like Wyatt’s, which offers you a superior selection and a knowledgeable staff who take the intimidation out of wine buying.