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Celebrate Halloween with Heritage Hills Pumpkin Spice Liqueur

Heritage Hills Pumpkin Spice Liqueur is an adult pumpkin beverage with sweet notes of oranges, vanilla, and graham crackers layered with cinnamon and cloves. It is seductive and long in the finish, allowing all its pumpkin flavor to shine. It is not overtly syrupy, and pairs well with other spiced liqueurs and whiskeys.

It also performs nicely as a dessert cordial with roasted nuts, ice cream, or fruit cocktails.

The strength of Heritage Hill’s pumpkin cream liqueur is how well it partners with other flavored spirits for a seasonal treat. Try it in an equal part combination with either Disaronno Amaretto or Frangelico for a “Nutty Pumpkin” cocktail. It also pairs well with whipped cream or marshmallow flavored vodkas.

For something specially fitting the change in temperature, mix one part Heritage Hills Pumpkin Spice with two parts of your favorite cinnamon whiskey.

However you choose to enjoy your grownup pumpkin spice this fall, remember to drink responsibly.

Heritage Hills Pumpkin Spice is a perennial autumn release. You can find it, as well as some unique options for mixing partners, at large local, family owned liquor stores like Wyatt’s that offer you a variety of fun, holiday treats.