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Boomsma Cloosterbitter: Go green, European-style

Boomsma Cloosterbitter is based on a 15th century recipe from the Monastery Claerkamp, where the monks embraced the medicinal properties of this unique bitters.

Back then, Brother Jacob would collect all kinds of natural ingredients during his walks around the monastery. He used these to develop a powerful and stimulating bitters. His recipe for Cloosterbitter has been passed on carefully (and discreetly) through the centuries.

This drink was rediscovered by his third-generation descendant Anton Boomsma and updated by fifth-generation Saskia Boomsma.

The idea behind recreating Cloosterbitter includes the use of herbs and plants found in the Frisian meadows of Holland during the month of May.

Following the local harvest, aromatic botanicals such as Gentian root, juniper berry, clover leaf, mint, dandelion, anise, fennel, blessed thistle, and more are separately macerated in alcohol until they have imparted their specific traits upon the potion. These different tinctures are carefully blended together according to the family secret recipe to allow each herb to shine through and create the perfect harmony found in this one of a kind bitter.

The seventeen different ingredients used to achieve its superior taste also create its unique, vibrant green color.

Boomsma continues to be an independent family-owned distillery with a focus on ensuring old traditions are cherished while pursuing new ambitions.

As a result you can enjoy Boomsma Claerkampster Cloosterbitter today. Delicious both also as an aperitif or a digestive, you can drink this striking green bitters chilled, on the rocks, or mixed with cola.

At 80 proof, Cloosterbitter makes a close mixing substitute for Green Chartreuse, albeit one that trades the stronger licorice flavor for more mint, and carries more ginger in the finish. (It also costs about $40 less.) Try it in The Last Word or other Green Chartreuse-themed cocktail.

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