You’ll be over the moon for Harvest Moon Sangiovese

Utilizing their expertise in one of Italy’s most prolific styles, and as a single vineyard, Harvest Moon created this Alexander Valley Sangiovese that is indeed worthy of your attention.

In classic Harvest Moon style, this elegant light red wine begins with floral spring flowers, fresh graphite and lightly toasted almonds. Beautiful, soft red fruits gush onto the palate and grip with gentle fuzzy tannins.

Characteristically food-friendly, Harvest Moon Sangiovese pairs with far more than merely Italian fare. It also teams exceptionally with grilled meats and vegetables. You can also raise your pizza game to a whole new level with a glass or two.

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Colterris Coloradeaux Red Blend

Coloradeaux Red Wine is an exceptional wine that exhibits the true expression of the winemaker’s art without limits at Colterris Winery. It is crafted from their premier vineyards where the high-altitude sunlight and cool river nights of the Grand Valley AVA produce wines rich in color, flavor, and smooth tannins.

This unique blend of 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Merlot, 11% Petit Verdot, 11% Cabernet Franc, and 11% Malbec carries a complexity and elegance that only the blending of noble grapes can achieve. It is highlighted by flavors of blackberry, currant, and cedar with velvety tannins.

Wyatt’s Wet Goods is the only retailer in Colorado to carry Coloradeaux.

During a buying trip to Colterris and the Palisade, Colorado region last spring, our wine manager Suzy and her team learned about this special Centennial State Bordeaux blend created by Bo Felton, head winemaker at Colterris Winery and holder of a distinct pedigree from legendary Duckhorn Wines. His extensive history with major roots in Colorado and the support of Colterris, the largest and most technologically advanced producer in the area, make Coloradeaux an unbeatable blend.

Based on this visit, Wyatt’s received a special allocation of this very limited release wine. Our store was only allocated five cases of the Coloradeaux, and no more will be available.

Colterris Winery makes a large variety of stellar quality wines and is considered the pinnacle of Colorado wine making. At only $26.99 for this exclusive offering, get your bottle of this extremely limited release while you can and be sure to check out the variety of Colterris classic offerings, now available in both convenient travel cans and standard 750ml and cans.

With our superior selection with knowledgeable staff, Wyatt’s will help you find the perfect wine for any occasion.

Blanc de Bleu will blow away your blues

Blanc de Bleu is the world’s first blue California sparkling wine. Made from premium California chardonnay with an added hint of blueberries, it is a delicate sparkler that will make any occasion memorable.

With its vividly blue pastel color, Blanc de Bleu offers an aromatic effervescence that dazzles.

Its grapes are picked at lower sugar levels to ensure a modest alcohol content. The fruit is pressed into stainless steel tanks for primary fermentation, and then secondary fermentation using the Charmat method. Adding a small amount of blueberry extract contributes to its gentle perfume and tender flavor.

Why would you want a blue sparkling wine? Why wouldn’t you!

Available in standard 750 ml bottles and Baby Bleu 375 ml minis, Blanc de Bleu will be the hit of any brunch or bridal shower. Pair with Cheetos for your ultimate Broncos win celebration. Its azure hue makes a playful edition to the holidays or a baby gender reveal. You can even add orange juice for mimosas and turn it green.

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La Quiere de Oro Agave Wine has something for everyone

La Quiere de Oro Agave Wine is a fortified wine created in the Tequila region of Mexico. It is made using 100% Blue Weber Agave, which is considered to be the best tasting agave in the world.

In creating La Quiere de Oro, the juice from the agave plant is fermented and then fortified with 100% agave spirits to provide a genuine Tequila aroma and taste.

Produced through the fermentation of 100% Blue Weber Agave, it is all-natural, vegan quality product with no added coloring or other additives, as well as a low-calorie alternative to distilled tequila.

La Quiere de Oro has a smooth, vanilla-like flavor with a fruity bouquet. It is excellent served straight or on the rocks. Check out La Quiere de Oro’s agave wine cocktail recipes at

La Quiere de Oro was a Silver Award Winner at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America’s 2018 Wine Competition in Las Vegas.

Popular in Mexico for some time, agave wine is becoming more widely sought after in the United States. You can find this innovative product, as well as scores of others for the adventurous drinker, at larger, family-owned liquor stores in the Longmont area, like Wyatt’s Wet Goods.