Saturday Tasting – 52eighty Distilling

Join us this Saturday, February 8th, for a special free tasting from 52eighty Distilling of Littleton, Colorado.

52eighty was founded by three friends, using innovative distilling techniques, ingredients from small family-owned Colorado farms, and crisp Rocky Mountain water to produce spirits in which you can taste their passion in every sip. This Saturday, we will be sampling among the following selections:

52eighty Cackler’s Whiskey: This Colorado brown mellows the spice by combining traditionally aged bourbon with accelerated aged rye bourbons for a refined taste. This exceptionally smooth bourbon-style whiskey carries hints of sweet honey and light smoke with a very mellow finish. 43% ABV.

52eighty Hearthstone Whiskey: Combining new and old-world traditions, 52eighty blends three-year-old Irish Whiskey and Rye Whiskeys, bringing forth a surprisingly sweet, floral fragrance and hints of toasted oak and vanilla. 43% ABV.

52eighty American Small Batch Gin: This robust gin is made from a high aromatic and spice botanical bill, including citruses and native herbs. 43.5% ABV.

52eighty Winter Wheat Vodka: This grain to bottle vodka has aromatic soft wheat, light vanilla and a light toasted wheat flavor in a very smooth and soft-landing finish. 40% ABV.

52eighty Summer Peach Vodka: They combine their small batch vodka with flavor extracted from 100% Organic Colorado Palisade Peaches and then re-distilled to produce its all-natural peach flavor.  40% ABV.

Tasting hours for this free Saturday, February 8 event  will be from noon-4:45 pm, at Wyatt’s Outlaw Saloon, in the back of the store.

All of this week’s featured items will be on sale!

As always, all participants must present valid I.D.


Friday Tasting – Sanitas Brewing

This week’s free Friday Tasting features local Boulder favorite Sanitas Brewing.

Sanitas Brewing Company is our Colorado Craft Brewery of the Month! They specialize in crafting handmade creative beers using sustainable methods.

Wyatt’s will be sampling their Mandarin Lager, Mama Peaches IPA, Saison, and Raspberry Deluge.

We invite you to experience these unique selections. All of this week’s featured items will be on sale! Tasting hours for this Friday, January 17 event will be from 4-6:45 pm, at Wyatt’s Outlaw Saloon, in the back of the store.

Participants must present valid I.D.

Saturday Tasting – Longtucky Spirits of Longmont

This Saturday, December 8, Wyatt’s is offering a sampling from Longtucky Spirits.

Longtucky Spirits is a popular craft distillery in Longmont, Colorado, featuring local ingredients, owner built equipment, and a festive cocktail lounge. Longtucky has already amassed this impressive list of bottlings:

Lusca Spiced Rum: Like their Silver rum, Lusca is made with local grains and snowmelt from Longs Peak, infused with black cardamom, vanilla, orange, mace, allspice and clove. Lusca makes a hearty addition to any warm rum recipe or tiki punch. 

The Last Waltz Colorado Straight Bourbon: Barrels distilled by the former Black Canyon Distillery were produced and bottled by Longtucky Spirits. Unique oak flavors team with traditional corn and rye malt profiles and sweet American flavor, but with its own unique Colorado barrel finish. 45% ABV.

Longtucky Fire Cinnamon & Ginger Infused Whiskey: Unlike some cinnamon whiskies that rely on artificial flavoring or contain glycol, this variant of their Shine corn whiskey is a party favorite finished with real cinnamon and ginger for an authentic, true taste. Fire on the front and Ginger on the back. 

Amaro Arancia Bitter Orange Liqueur: This high plains version of the famous Italian Aperitif is a must for anyone’s bar, with the bitter orange liqueur being essential to rounding out classic cocktails like the Negroni or a Boulevadier.

For a fun session, check out their tasting room, the Longtucky Lounge, at 350 Terry Street, #120, just east of Main Street.

Join us for this special free Saturday tasting, from noon-4:45 p.m., at the Outlaw Bar in the back of the store

All tasting items are on sale all day long. As always, participants must show proper I.D.

Friday Tasting – Canned Mules

This Friday, August 23, we are offering a very special free tasting of ready-to-drink canned Mules.

Cool and refreshing, these gingery, bubbly Canned Mules are perfect for backyard barbecues, concerts, camping or cocktail convenience!

Sample your choice of four (The City of Longmont only allows four samples, but you can take more home with Wyatt’s weekend savings!):

  • KURE’S Colorado Mule (Loveland) – 7% ABV
  • PUNCHING MULE Moscow Mule (Denver) – 7% ABV
  • SLALOM FOX Colorado Mule (Longmont) – 8.6% ABV
  • THE COPPER CAN Moscow Mule (New Mexico) – 10% ABV
  • JOIA SPIRITS Moscow Mule (Minnesota) – 7% ABV

Tasting hours for free tasting event this Friday will be from 4-6:45 pm, at Wyatt’s Outlaw Saloon, in the back of the store.

All participants must present valid I.D.