Angel’s Envy

Angel’s Envy Rye: a touch of heaven with the decadence of the Islands

February 19, 2017

While their tremendous Angel’s Envy Bourbon is finished in Port Wine casks, legendary Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson decided that a rum finish would provide the perfect complement to Angel’s Envy’s…

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Saturday Tasting – Winter Whiskeys and The Gnome Knows Wines

January 7, 2017

In Colorado, when the weather gets tough, the tough go drinking. In that spirit, Wyatt’s is offering a chilly January Winter Whiskey Tasting this Saturday, January 7, 2017. This free…

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Angel’s Envy Bourbon is truly heavenly

August 7, 2016

It is given much praise and critically acclaimed, but not always found in wide circulation. Once you do find a bottle, you will be eternally grateful. It is Angel’s Envy…

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