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Saturday Wine Tasting – Natale Verga

This Saturday, October 13, Wyatt’s is offering a free tasting of the wines of Natale Verga.

For the wine lovers, you can discover, or re-experience, some of our most popular wines from Natale Verga of Lombardia, Italy.

This week’s selections include:

Natale Verga Gavi: A beautiful straw yellow color introduces you to the bouquet of white flowers, citrus and toffee aromas. The soft mouthfeel and flavors of apple and melon allows it to match well with cold seafood salads, linguine with white clam sauce, chicken alfredo, or veal picatta.

Natale Verga Governo: This blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon dates back to the most ancient traditions of Tuscan farmers. Part of the grapes planted before harvest are added to wine during fermentation, to give it more softness and enhance its bouquet. Intense red color, fruity notes, and round aromas are the distinctive characteristics of this wine. It is fresh, harmonic and savory on the palate. It sports a bing cherry nose,and light crispness due to the Governa process. A fantastic wine that you can chill for any occasion.

Natale Verga Chianti: Ruby-red in color with a fruity bouquet and hints of plums and cherries, this velvety Chianti offers a harmonious palate with a dry finish. An ideal accompaniment for pasta, game and grilled meats.

Love Rosso Veneto: On the nose you’ll get aromas of cherry, currants, and notes of sage. On the palate, the cherry and currants continue as flavors of anise and licorice develop into a dry, full-bodied finish. Pair with your favorite classic Italian dish.

You can sample these wines this Saturday during our free tasting from noon-4:45 pm, at Wyatt’s Outlaw Saloon, in the back of the store.

All of this week’s featured items will be on sale!

As always, all participants must present valid I.D.

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