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Bin 46 Winemaker Dinner featuring Deloach and Buena Vista Wineries

Wyatt’s Wet Goods and Bin 46 are excited to invite you to a very special 5 course wine maker dinner with Katie Carter, wine maker of Deloach and Buena Vista wines. She will be in Colorado only this special night that Chef Candy Campbell and Sous Chef Eric Lennard of Bin 46 have labored over for the perfect matches of food and wine.

The evening will be a time to reflect on the variations of each grape and winemaking style from multiple regions. Katie will also lend her insights into the styles of each region.

We will explore wines from the Russian River district of Sonoma, Sonoma Valley, Carneros, and Napa to better understand the climate, terroir, and the distinct flavors produced by each region.

Not to be taken lightly, the foods Candy and Eric have developed for this meal would be spectacular without any pairing.  One can only imagine the palate’s response to the marriage of the foods from Bin 46 with the wines from Katie.

The evening will kick off at 6:00 P.M. The “all inclusive” price for the event is $75 per person and reservations can be made with the staff of Bin 46 at (720)438-7410


–The Evening’s Courses–

Meet & Greet Course – 6:00 P.M.

French Bubbles from JCB #21, Cremant de Bourgogne

Oysters and Caviar
Charcuterie Boards

1st Course –

Chardonnays from DeLoach (Russian River) and Buena Vista (Carneros district)

Paired with peach, prosciutto, goat and arugula with balsamic glaze

2nd Course –

Pinot Noirs from DeLoach (Russian River) and Buena Vista (Sonoma County)

Paired with grilled quail with pine nuts and gogi berries on a bed of cous cous

Chateau-Buena-Vista-Cabernet-Sauvignon_175_6813rd Course –

Merlot from Buena Vista (Sonoma Valley)

Paired with braised short ribs, merlot jus, parsnip puree & roasted brussels sprouts

4th Course

Cabernets from Buena Vista (Sonoma Valley and Chateau Buena Vista Napa)

Paired with blue cheese & Hazel Del mushroom tart

& duo with Robin Chocolates