Celebrate the season with these scary Halloween Wines

Does finding the right wine for your Halloween party fill you with apprehension and dread? Fend off the wine willies with these scary selections:

Zombie Zin

A must-have for gruesome gatherings, Zombie Zin is a blood-red California Zinfandel bursting with plum and black currant. Pair it with sweet brains or a juicy blood sausage. “It’s the wine that would not die…”

Zombie Chard 

Dress up your horror d’oeuvres with this frighteningly good California Chardonnay. It will shock your senses and haunt your wine glasses. Perfect for horror movie marathons and the upcoming apocalypse.

Bull’s Blood

Looking for something more historically accurate that old Vlad the Impaler himself might have enjoyed? Bull’s Blood from the Kovacs Nimrod winery of Hungary is a traditional dry quality red that is very representative of the red wines of Eger. This terroir-rich varietal carries the flavor of the soils of its production site and the mezzo-climate unique to that region. Deep ruby in color, its flavors and aromas present rich, spicy and fruity characteristics, mellowed without a tannin accent.

The Walking Dead Wines

To celebrate the popular TV show, The Last Wine Company resurrected their Cabernet Sauvignon and Blood Red Blend, allowing you the opportunity to bring your bottle to life using their The Living Wine Labels app, which animates (or reanimates) when the app is launched and pointed at the label.

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Gustafson Family Wines are sustainable and satisfying

Gustafson Family Vineyards, the highest elevation winery in Dry Creek Valley, enjoys commanding, panoramic views of Lake Sonoma, Dry Creek Valley, and the Mayacamas Mountains, thirty miles to the east.

At an elevation of 1800 feet above sea level, it has a rich, red volcanic soil known for producing superb wine grapes. The first vines were planted in 2002, and vineyard plantings are now complete at 20 acres with varieties including Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling.

The lean volcanic soils regulate growth and add complexity to the wines. Grapes grown at such high elevations produce wines of elegant and subtle character. Harvested in the cool morning air, their fruit is gently processed and fermented in small lots to develop soft tannins and rich flavor profiles.

For a good introduction to these quality, sustainably farmed wines, try one of these Gustafson varietals:

Gustafson Dry Creek Valley Riesling

This classic has notes of white peach and honeydew melon layer themselves over aromas of mandarin, white flowers, and a light touch of wet slate and earth. On the palate, ripe pear and white nectarine wash over whispers of chamomile, lychee, and fresh herbs with an enveloping mouthfeel. The finish features a bright minerality and acidity, balanced by a conservative amount of residual sugar that ensures a perfect complement to a variety of spicy dishes.

Gustafson Dry Creek Valley Rosé of Syrah

This juicy rosé is elegant with a floral bouquet matched with a great backbone of acidity. Delicate noes of rose petals, peonies, and ripe strawberries unfold from the glass, followed by notes of tart cranberries, dragon fruit, and a faint hint of honeydew melon on the palate.

You can experience the wines of Gustafson Family Vineyards, and well as wine from all around the globe, at larger, independently owned wine shops that offer you a superior selection and an experienced staff that will help you find the perfect bottle every time.

Come one, come all to the new Freakshow Chardonnay

Looking for something out of the ordinary to spice up your next wine event?

Try an evening with the Freakshow.

Renowned vintner Michael David’s Freakshow line takes wine to the next level. The new Freakshow Chardonnay takes you under the sea for an over the top mermaid-themed drinking experience.

Approachable and fun, this expressive white wine displays the strengths of their sustainable Lodi winemaking operation. Freakshow Chardonnay is fruit forward and crisp with mouthwatering aromas of juicy mango, summer stone fruit, and cinnamon spice. It has enchanting flavors of nectarine, stewed Golden Delicious apples, butterscotch, hickory, and a hint of vanilla and coconut on the finish.

This sassy sipper is a smart choice for braised chicken, buttered popcorn, and soft creamy cheeses.

As part of their national product rollout, Freakshow Chardonnay is being offered at an even sweeter introductory price for the month of September at select larger, local wine emporiums in North Boulder County.

If you want to take the center stage at your next dinner party, or more intimate gathering, step right up and grab a bottle of Michael David’s Freakshow Chardonnay at that special wine shop (Wyatt’s) that always offers you a superior selection from around the globe with the knowledgeable staff who help you find the perfect bottle every time.

Plan a night in with Volo Biou Sauvignon Blanc

Now that the Fall Netflix season is in full swing, what are you going to drink?

Volo Biou Sauvignon Blanc may just be the next great couch wine.

What is a couch wine? One that won’t break the bank, yet won’t compromise on quality and flavor for an ultra-casual night in.

Volo Biou is an afford option in the $10-15 range that is personally satisfying and won’t disappoint any guest you have over.

This French Sauvignon Blanc tastes crisp, clean and dry. Its midpalate is full fruited with a lemony acidity balanced by melon and green apple flavors, and a gentle essence of green mango, a flavor that pairs particularly well with Asian takeout.

As Coloradans look to entertain more in the home, you can find wines for this, or any season, at larger, local, family-owned liquor stores, like Wyatt’s, that offer you a superior selection from around the globe with a knowledgeable staff who will help you find the perfect bottle every time.