Laws Bourbon Barrel Exclusive heats up Longmont

Denver distillery Laws Whiskey House has built an impressive portfolio over the last few years. Their award-winning whiskies have expanded into a much sought-after barrel selection program.

Laws just released a new small batch Bourbon to the Longmont area.

Barrel #1023, produced exclusively for Wyatt’s Wet Goods, has a mash bill of 60% corn, 20% wheat, 10% rye, and 10% malted barley, distilled in a copper pot/column still then aged three years in new American white oak to produce a truly unique cask strength Colorado Bourbon.

Its nose displays touches of red apple, hay, and orange, leading to a mouth with traditional flavors of oak and vanilla that are highlighted by notes of sweet tobacco, plum, and pine.

This one of a kind Western-style whiskey can only be found at Wyatt’s Wet Goods in Longmont, as part of their growing barrel selection program.

Barrel select programs grant retailers an opportunity to directly purchase bourbon with customized flavor profiles for their customers. Usually only a handful of these unique, one-of-a-kind whiskey barrels are available or offered for purchase.

Available both in the standard 750 ml and 375 ml bottles this limited release makes an ideal gift for someone you want to impress with a truly top shelf Colorado craft whiskey. Get one (or two) for your collection—while you can.

Locally, you can get these types of hot exclusives at Wyatt’s Wet Goods in Longmont, which caters to the discriminating whiskey drinker, as well as those just beginning their fine malt journey.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon is truly heavenly

It is given much praise and critically acclaimed, but not always found in wide circulation.

Once you do find a bottle, you will be eternally grateful.

It is Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Veteran master distiller Lincoln Henderson designed this award winning whiskey in 2006. By guiding each batch’s conditioning and blending this handcrafted bourbon in small batches of only 8-10 barrels at a time, Angel’s Envy is able to monitor every step of the distilling process, finally finishing this ambrosia in ruby port wine casks made from French oak and imported directly from Portugal. This creates a whiskey of unprecedented smoothness, sweetness, and balance.

It is aged for up to 6 years, with 5% of this silky spirit being lost to evaporation each year. That is considered the “Angel’s Share”, while the remainder left for us mortals is truly worthy of their envy. Angels Envy

Although their website boasts many angelic-monikered cocktails, it would be a sin to add anything other than ice to this whiskey. It’s perfect as is.

Its nose offers subtle notes of vanilla, raisins, pure maple syrup, and toasted nuts. This gives way to a palate that expands upon the vanilla with tastes of ripe fruit, more maple, and bitter chocolate. Angel’s Envy flows into a smooth, velvety finish with a lingering sweetness that slowly fades with a vinous hint of Madeira.

Try Angel’s Envy, the bourbon Wine Enthusiast awarded 98 points and called “Classic; the pinnacle of quality”.


New Products: Robert Mondavi Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon

Bourbon Barrel Aging Trend Spreads to Wine

Before the advent of stainless steel storage tanks and kegs, the makers of alcoholic beverages used barrels out of necessity. If you produced rum, you simply reused rum barrels. If you made whiskey, you used whiskey barrels, and so forth.

Cross flavoring with barrels, using one type of product barrel to flavor another, did not really even come into fruition until the early 1990s. Even then, it still took about twenty years for it to become such a popular brewing trend that it makes beer connoisseurs drool faster than those three little letters “I-P-A”.

Mondavi Bourbon Cab2

Eventually, with craft brewers selecting particular spent barrels of everything from Chardonnay to Tabasco to impart unique flavor profiles on their brews, barrel aging become so popular, and bourbon casks in particular, that it was only a matter of time before other beverage producers decided to experiment with it.

Using bourbon barrels for aging draws out flavors like vanilla, caramel, and oak to flavor the wine. The barrels can also add a hint of pepper, or “barrel spice”, for a more complex experience.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon uses 100% American oak, former Kentucky bourbon barrels. The inside of the barrel is charred to impart flavors of toasted vanilla and brown sugar that integrate with the intensely rich, dark fruit forward characters of cherry and blackberry in the cabernet.

According to Jason Dodge, one of the lead winemakers of Robert Mondavi Private Selection division, “what excites me most about this project is really the combination of the art of wine making and the craft of bourbon production–those two things coming together and forming something unique that might possibly bring in a whole new generation of wine drinkers.”

Another inviting aspect of this experiment is that Mondavi is pricing this limited release, new style of wine in the very affordable, introductory range of $9.99 to $15.00. At that price, it’s a steal to sample.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon can be found at better stocked local wine merchants.