The Jefferson Wood Experiment 5 pack is the perfect gift for any Bourbon lover

Looking for that special standout gift for the whiskey lover in your life? Check out the Jefferson Wood Experiment. jeff-wood1

Retailing at about $100, it’s no more financially damaging than a bottle of good Scotch, but much more memorable.

Each pack contains five 200 ml bottles of a different range or style of barrel cooperage. (Right off the bat, that’s a full liter of specialty whiskey, versus the standard 750ml bottle. But the definitive qualifier here is not the quantity, but the quality.)

The inspiration behind Jefferson’s Wood Experiment Collection came from spending time in a wine cooperage in Missouri. Wine cooperages are different than what you find in Kentucky as they have different treating processes which are more focused on toasting, slow cooking, and searing to bring different flavors to the forefront.

It was at this point that the Jefferson team asked, “How could we change up what the final flavors of the bourbon are after we mature it in typical bourbon barrels?”

They started with their 4-year-old bourbon that had been aged in new charred white oak barrels and finished it in 13 different environments/vessels. There were many combinations with which to experiment–new bourbon barrels, new wine barrels, wine barrel heads on a new bourbon barrel, inserting oak staves that have been seared, or oak cubes that have been slow cooked, etc.

jeff-wood2Over a period of 32 months, they charted the characteristics of each experiment monthly and analyzed how the different treatments affected the outcome of the final whiskey.

Jefferson decided to bottle up five of these experiments into 200 milliliter samples so you can see for yourself how small changes can make a vast difference.

This 2016 kit consists of five bottles, with a random selection from each of the 13 different available experiments in each package.

For those who have been curious about how much a particular oak barrel can season the flavor of a whiskey, ever thought of hosting their own bourbon tasting, or just appreciate the unique creativity involved in the whiskey making process, this is an ideal opportunity.

Act now, though! Jefferson’s Wood Experiment sampler is in high demand, but short quantity, for the holidays.

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Kraemer Brut Champagne will create quite an entrance

Looking for a new sparkling wine that will impress your guests? Try Kraemer Brut Champagne.

This simple, fruity wine, with its attractive apple and citrus flavors, is made predominantly from 100% Chardonnay Loire Valley grapes in Southwestern France. These lends a crisp, cool character, making it refreshing and ready to drink right now.

Soft and creamy flavors in conjunction with the fine bubbles ensure this sparkling wine is a perfect complement to any celebration, as well as being fantastic in cocktails.

It’s also Kosher, making it appropriate for all manners of celebration.

You can find Kraemer Brut, as well as everything you need to make your holiday bright, at larger, family owned local liquor emporiums Like Wyatt’s. With plenty of knowledgeable, friendly staff and an unbeatable selection, Wyatt’s is Longmont’s wine and spirits destination.

Heaven Scent Rosé is heavenly indeed

Looking for that perfect weekend wine with which to relax or share with friends? Try Heaven Scent Ciaretto Bardolino Rosé!

Hailing from Italy, this extremely versatile and vibrant rosé has a pale pink hue and is a blend of Corvina and Rondinella grapes. It is dry and succulent with flavors of peach puree, mangoes, wild strawberries, with just a hint of pear, supported by a fresh, bright acidity.

Inarguably food friendly, it is particularly suited to lighter fare like an opening fruit plate, tapas, field salads, or even grilled salmon.

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Johnnie Walker White Walker Scotch invades Colorado

In celebration of the final season of the critically-acclaimed HBO series, Game of Thrones, Johnnie Walker Scotches is proud to introduce White Walker. 

This limited edition bottle utilizes thermochromic ink that causes new artwork to appear on the bottle if it is chilled in the freezer, as well as the show’s famous quote, “Winter is here,” along the side.

At the heart of this collector’s blend are single malts from Cardhu and Clynelish, Scotland’s Northern most distilleries. This whisky is chill filtered to 15°C and best served cold directly from the freezer for a smooth, approachable sip.

Bottled at 41.7% ABV, this unique blend has flavor notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla, and fresh red berries, making White Walker by Johnnie Walker quite a delicious dram. The new blend is best served ice cold, inspired by the White Walkers beyond The Wall.

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